Touching Heart Ministry, with your donation and partnership, can do so much more. Like reach our youth in Central Florida, Dominican Republic and Haiti by providing a Christian secured environment for after school children who are struggling academically and for parents who cannot afford to pay for after school care. What an awesome opportunity to teach them how to “reach a soul, save a soul, feed a soul and educate a soul for Christ”.

            Touching Heart Ministry is looking for volunteers who can bless others with their God given talents and skills. It is also our goal to have a summer camp free of charge and several mission trips a year, so our partners can witness firsthand our ongoing projects. We just started "Phase I" of our massive building project in Bon Repos, Haiti. We have donated school bags, supplies, uniforms and shoes to most of our students.

            Hope Christian Academy, located in Bon Repos, Haiti, has finally opened its doors in October 7th, 2013. It is our goal that HCA will be a prototype of one of the best education facilities that is only available to a few, but will be occupied by the poorest of the poor.

            We have conducted several mission trips to Port-au-Prince and neighboring cities, which we visited, prayed and donated items to sick people in the hospitals. We also conducted soul winning to churches and donated food bags to over 600 families. Our known souls save is over 2500 from May 21st, 2013 thru August 2014.


            Our first school year is over; we exceeded our expectations in every goal that was set among our staff such as all children ability to read and write beyond their grades levels and to have a very successful year end exam, including the national exams for our 6th graders. It is with pride and humility that we are announcing that our children had a 90% passing rates and two of them had the highest scores in our district.