Over 40 years ago, God laid upon my heart the desire to build an orphanage for orphans and under privileged children in Haiti; after I have been blessed with God’s mercy and grace of being awarded a free education in one of the darkest days of my life. It is with my utmost desire and gratitude that this dream today has become a reality. To God be the Glory!  


            Our school, Hope Christian Academy, located in Moléard, Bon Repos, Haiti currently enrolls children from Kindergarten to Junior High School (6ème Année Fondamentale), primarily teaches in French but will gradually add English and Spanish. It is our goal to equip the classrooms with 21st century technology such as desktops, laptops, scanners, printers and high speed internet. Our state of the art facility will enable the children to see the world like never before. God is at work and He is asking us to join Him.

            I envisioned a place where children can live, learn, worship and play freely without worrying about the basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. I am certain that the God who has begun this good work will finish it until the day of Jesus Christ, Philippians 1:6.

Frantz Schlesinger De Milord
Visionary/Account Executive